Creatively Charged Reiki

Having been naturally intuitive and empathetic since a young age,I have honed my latent gift so that I may wield it for the betterment of those around me. Being so attuned to the energies of others, I have  an intrinsic ability to take on and change these auras to provide a thoroughly enjoyable spiritual cleansing.
Her vivacious personality, exuberance for her craft, and dedication to her mission all combine to generate an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort whenever she is at work.- Venus Mixen 2015
Healing work has allowed me to become deeply connected with virtual strangers, eventually blossoming this acquaintance into a relationship of intimately emotional catharsis for my clients that has transcended mere physical boundaries and entering into a realm of enlightened self awareness and spiritual health. I delight in supporting people to become conscious of their inner desires and inner power, and encourage them through  healing practices to feel free to be their true selves in a world that so often seeks to stifle, inhibit, and ignore the divine power of our inner self. Now dedicating myself to my career as an Art Instructor and  my hot hands as a Reiki Master I welcome you to share the experience with me.
 Let’s start a journey to a happiest version of yourself.

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