Know Thy Self. Love Thyself.


Fear. The opposite of love; yet it derives from love itself. Love understood on a human plane that is. Recently I connected with my inner voice. On a more clear level I should say as it has never parted from me at any time. Now,throughout my life I had a deep yearning to do more. To give more. To love more. I lived for love and searched for it in all the wrong places unaware that all I had to do was look inside myself and say hello. It recently dawned on me after nights of disturbing nightmares what it was my subconscious was trying to tell me.You want to heal; and I did. The very instant I accepted this truth I felt a sense of relief. The desire to control everything around me faded when I realized there was a higher power taking care of that for me. All I had to do was wake up to the realization that I had a purpose upon coming back to earth and that purpose was to heal others through touch,art,nutrition and any other talents willing to reveal themselves unto me. Now this may all sound fine and dandy and yes it is quite exciting. However with such a gift comes great responsibility and this I am slowly learning. I have a long ways to go for my awakening has only just begun. Although I speak of peace I also walk with a heart of rock and roll, seduction and a yearning to walk the world and love every single one of you until my next breath. For those going through the same struggle understand it is a blessing,do not concern yourself with what you do or do not know. Do not desperately seek teachers for they will come to you when you are ready. Trust that the Universe will give you what you need. Ask ask ask ask always ask! Don’t ignore those questions pulsating through your human heart. For the answers will always reveal themselves in everyone of your senses. Pay attention my loves and rememeber theres no need to rush; you are exactly where you need to be.

For more information or one to find out about my one to one chakra balancing services for the new year contact me at and start a new year with a clear mind, balanced & healthy!


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