Cleanse your soul.

An old man in the river bend had a lucky bucket. He cherished this bucket deeply. It had brought him great findings in the river. One morning during his daily cleanse he found a seed stuck at the bottom of this bucket. A faithful man he was he gave a prayer of gratitude and planted the seed in his garden. For years plants of all sorts stemmed from this one seed. It was mystical to him and he did not question its many blessings. For years on end he never cleaned his lucky bucket. Believing the only water it needed was from the river. After every cleansing he would eagerly scope the bucket in hopes to find a new seed.
One winter his daughter began to grow ill. Trusting his lucky bucket he would carry her out to the river each morning and give her a cleansing. Months went on and the illness spread. Nights would pass as the man cried in silence to the sight of his daughters slow death. The man began to lose all hope in life. He lost his fascination with his lucky bucket and scraped it clean one morning. He brought his daughter for her daily cleanse. Two weeks passed and she began to get better. There was a noticeably different liveliness in her eyes once again. The man once again started to believe in this lucky bucket failing to realize it had no luck at all. It was with intention that he created the blessings to come from this bucket. However just like our spirit, you must remove build up in order to make room for a positive healing foundation.
Often we are overcome with the desire for a positive change. We wake up everyday with a new outlook on life. We intend to be happy. We even choose to be happy. However in time old scars resurface and we wonder what change have I accomplished? What am I doing wrong and why are these scars still here? You see, ignoring your pain does not make it any less real. In order to heal and come to a place of supreme happiness you must cleanse your soul. Actively. You must make these demons your friends, and understand they came from fear a fear that lacked love. We must love these demons for where there is darkness there is light; and in order to re connect with your higher self you must attain balance. Heal my friends and let the pain surface. It is not your enemy it just needs to be loved and released.


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