The Pursuit Of Happiness

The False Pursuit Of Happiness.

I will not taint the concept we all know as “ The Pursuit Of Happiness” by stating it is a bad one. However this idea misleads often one too many of our egos. You see many individuals are driven by the lack of; love, financial independence, family, knowledge, and all the ego driven factors in our day to day encounters. You cannot pursue something that is already within you. God is a source of PURE love. Love equates to happiness and love has no beginning or end. Our spirit was created by such a precious and loving source that is absolutely incapable of comprehending what unhappiness is, because it is not a part of our true self. Our bodies are merely vessels used for spirit to communicate with in order to achieve the purpose in which we had upon arriving into this human plane. Happiness is a choice. I hear this often; however even that statement in itself is insinuating love is separate from us. Something we must attain. It is imperative to understand this joy is already within you! Now…connecting with a higher vibration now that is a choice. We cannot possibly expect to prosper if we are not feeding our true self. Spirit speaks to us in many forms. One well known to us is our intuition. Our guides. This is a precious tool we must actively learn to use. Do not deny yourself the knowledge you already hold by pursuing false examples of love such as the material and emotional attachments we hold onto. These are all ego driven. Now ego is not our enemy but a dear friend with the desire to protect us. However this ego was created by the very primal desires we did attain throughout time. It is like a concerned friend, attempting to protect you but only able to do so through the information you’ve given it. Now…how much help can that ego be if its only learned from fear? Before I continue with this topic I want you all to take the time to listen to yourselves. Ask yourselves who are you? What do you do? and most of all who do you do it for?


2 thoughts on “The Pursuit Of Happiness

  1. Yadi that is amazing what you wrote i write too. And too see the level that your mentality is on is inspiring. To see you elevating your self to higher planes of existance and being in touch with your spirit side. I give you an applause. This was uplifting keep up the Good work. 👍👍


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