The Spiritual Practice Of Menstruation

Very useful information I found for you folks this morning.
There is so much more to the menstrual cycle than the biology lesson given to explain it, in the same way that there is so much more to sex and childbirth than the mechanics. The menstrual cycle is a cycle to base your life around, in fact your life is based around your menstrual cycle whether you realise it or not, whether you pay attention to it or not. And everyone who lives under the same roof is under the influence of the menstrual cycles of the women who live there.
So, why not pay attention?
So much more will make sense and you will make more sense to yourself!
With the introduction of drugs to suppress menstruation completely – “Feel the same every day”, is their catch cry, with the wide spread, almost epidemic use of The Pill by our young women, with the Earth, the feminine, in crisis, now more than ever we must seize our birth-rite and know our bodies and reclaim the ‘women’s blood mysteries’.

There is magic inherent in the menstrual cycle. Each cycle provides a woman with the opportunity to understand and read the messages her body gives her for any specific healing she needs. Each cycle creates the opportunity for as much spiritual growth and personal development that she could want. All a woman has to do to connect with that potential is simply to be with what is, her cycle, happening over and over.

The distressing symptoms that so commonly surround a woman’s menstrual cycle in our day are often due to women simply not being connected with their cycle and ignoring their body’s messages or symptoms, messages there to indicate specific emotional, or physical needs or imbalances. Our menstrual symptoms are usually ‘wake up calls’ about the amount of toxins in our lives, whether that be in the food we eat, the company we keep or the stress levels we create from our lifestyle.

Some basic and stunning facts
Women’s cycles are effected by the moon.
A women’s cycle and the lunation cycle (moon phases) are the same cycle.
Before electricity, women ovulated when the moon was full, and bled when the moon was dark. The pineal gland in our brain sends messages to our ovary, by hormones, to release an egg based on the amount of light our brain senses in the night when we are asleep. At the point of most light in the night, the full moon, we are programmed to ovulate.
Women who live in the country are more likely to be in synch’ with the moon, as are women living in primitive cultures.
Ovulating at the full moon means we bleed at the dark of the moon, the time when the energy is more inwardly focussed anyway. The average menstrual cycle is the same as the lunation cycle 28 days.

Modern life with the artificial light and constantly bright nights has disrupted our natural inclination to be in synchrony with the moon. The biological blueprint for our fertility cycle is very different to how it happens now. Imagine the disruption this creates. Not only are we meant to be synchronised with the moon phases, we are also meant to be synchronised with each other.
Like we are sometimes.

Many women have no connection with the moon and no idea what particular phase it is in. When they begin the practice of regularly observing the moon, tracking its path across the sky, noticing its waxing and waning, most often their cycle begins to synchronise with the moon phases. They ovulate with the full moon and bleed at the dark of the moon or the opposite, depending on their phase in life. And sometimes they change again, depending on external influences.

You can ovulate twice a month.
Each woman has the potential to ovulate a second time in her cycle when the phase of the moon is the same as it was when she was born.
This is called the Lunar Ovulation and explains all those pregnancies that happen when women think they are not fertile.
This second ovulation happens unless the birth lunar phase occurs at the same time as your normal cycle’s ovulation, or you are fully breast feeding (although that’s not the case for everyone), pregnant or on The Pill. Its easy to find out your birth lunar phase and so when you ovulate the second time each month. You just need to find out the phase of the moon on the day you where born.
Many books have that info, such as an ephemeris and you can find out on

The World’s first Shamans were women.
Shamans are medicine men and women. In ancient cultures they were the healers who used their special talents to access the hidden realms to receive information to facilitate the healing process.
They used trance and drumming to communicate and connect with nature to receive information. It has been supposed that the Shaman was a man’s role but in fact anthropologists and archeologists have discovered that the first shamans were women.
This is obvious when the tendencies of women at different times of their cycles for prophetic dreams and other worldly communications are considered.

The sanskrit word for menstruation and season are the same – ritu.

The word root for menstruation mens, is the same for moon, month and measurement.
The first measurement of time, the first calendar was based on the menstrual cycle.

So, the cycle:-
The menstrual cycle is a cycle within a cycle. The bigger cycle is the woman’s life cycle, her life seasons, which are just like the Earth’s seasons.
Spring – Maiden, Summer – Mother, Autumn – Maga, Winter – Crone.

Every cycle is the same as very other cycle, just different lengths.
The cycle goes – birth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death, rebirth.
The menstrual cycle is the same cycle.
And it is also divided into four quarters like the Earth’s seasons.
Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4.
If you have a cycle that is consistently longer or shorter than 28/29 days it’s the first half of the cycle that is shortened or lengthened.
Provided that you are ovulating, the second half of the cycle is fixed and is always the same either 13, 14 or 15 days.
Each week of the fertility cycle is as different to the other weeks as the Earth’s seasons are different to each other.
It’s the characteristics of each of these weeks that are the opportunities for the spiritual practice that I speak of.
Week one resembles spring energy.
Week two summer.
Week three autumn and week 4 winter.
Each week our inclinations, energy levels etc and the messages from our body are different. They speak of the physical situation of that point in the menstrual cycle and the related emotional situation.

So if you know where you are in your cycle you can much more easily ‘go with the flow’ so to speak. You could even manage your life around it. Start new projects in the first and second week of your cycle. Express you creative urges when you have them.
Have parties when you’re ovulating, finish off things in your third week. Stay home, and be on retreat when you’re bleeding.
You’ll have a lot less strife in your third and fourth week if you know you will be retreating when your blood comes, you’ll actually be looking forward to your blood coming, and be ready ‘to let go’.
Here’s an outline of the emotional and psychological energies of the cycle, week by week that you are dealing with, or if you aren’t consciously, give it a go. If you are aware of the specifics of the lunation cycle you will see the direct connection.

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