Respect Your Souls Life Mission


Dissatisfaction with ones life is something often seen. If this statement triggers any physical or emotional reactions within you then I ask you to pay attention. To yourself. If you are not living n sync to your souls purpose you will continue to feel isolated, incomplete, yearning, and dissatisfied. Upon coming into this life, into this human plane your soul set out a life mission. This mission IS your purpose. When you ask why am I alive? What am I doing here? Don’t look to your exterior for the answers. Connect with your higher self , give up the egos fight to respond for you and allow the flow of love and knowledge to enter. The ego picks up on primal desires and throughout history we have learned how this can be enhanced. In a negative manner. One must attain love from others, approval, financial ladders, labels and material gain. How unhealthy and saddening is it to live a life always yearning for more? Ignoring the core value of the love that lies within us? We were not all meant to be millionaires or working bees. Our souls chose our place in this cycle and we must respect that. If you are blessed with financial abundance RESPECT your souls purpose in doing so. This gain was given to you to create opportunities and blessings for those around you. It is our duty to take care of each other and this form of thinking in the I form must end. If you are embarrassed of being a working bee stop now. RESPECT your souls purpose. You are contributing to the world around you, many daily necessities could not be reached or finished without your help. Love where you are now and don’t spend your life dreaming on a future that will never be. Leave the past where it is. Let the future create itself. Be here, now; today. Respect your mission and let your will be to flow with your purpose and give gratitude for the opportunity to bless us all with your gifts.


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