On the first day of a woman’s period, this is the phase of rebirth. Aligning with the moon phases it is a great example to take into consideration all issues that may arise the week prior to your period. I myself go through moments of distress, emotional release which at times may feel like a severe depression attack. These are important moments to become the observer of the self. Where do these emotions tackle you in your body? Where does it hurt and what form of pain or distress do you feel during moments of release? Are there specific relationships or people you attack emotionally during this time?  These are all ways in which our purest self speaks to us, desiring for us to come into peace and resolve these issues before entering our next phase. If we choose to do otherwise, the same issues may very well rise during our next cycle of death ( week prior to first day of period).  Now during the time of rebirth I myself feel the desire to rest, play with my inner childs silly mindful chatter, and plan for the blossoming week that will follow. I take this time to do as I wish without the feeling of needing to care or respond to anyone else until I have full gathered my spirits back into balance.

Healing Crystals to incorporate into days of rebirth

I find Carnelian is very helpful.

-Locating it on your sakral chakra as its many uses include with healing organs, and manifesting ideas and creativity. Both helpful during this period; aids with cramping and allows balanced sexual energies and inner focus. A good energy booster to keep one out of a menstrual slump.

Bloodstones ❤

-Bloodstone is great for clearing any energy blockage and negative emotions. It is the stone related to blood circulation. My absolute go to for cramps!!!


It is the stone of destiny aligning with the moon and the divine feminine. It is a wonderful crystal for new beginnings  Easing stress and strengthening inner peace. It is wonderful for hormone balancing.

Some helpful activity would be walks near nature during your third day of rebirth. Try your very best to stay home and get well rested on your first day. Practice meditative yoga to ease the cramping and connect with yourself.

Hope some of these tips help for anyone looking to embrace the beauty and gift that is the cycle of menstruation. I know it may not always be a walk in the park lol embrace your inner goddess and fall in love with the duality of your darkness and light. Its ok to howl at the moon my darlings, sometimes you just gotta flow with those hormones and let the growls out if you need to 😉




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