Animals and their guiding light.


It does not matter where you stand in this great land of ours. At some point in your life you have been given the blessing of connecting with an animal, and if your lucky with countless of these guiding souls. I look back into the window of my childhood and my heart is warmed by the many friends Ive made through this light. Ive had a few that stood out to me, as did their lessons in my life. However my most precious guardian has been my mixed breed of a golden mut. She is known as Ruby Marie, but to my very existence she has been one of my greatest teachers.

When these friends, children, and guardians come into our lives it is important to pay attention to what their individual light represents. My Ruby Marie is a Labrador and Pitbull mix. Labrador’s symbolize graceful understanding of pain and comfort. Pitbull’s symbolize unconditional love. These are two grand lessons I had to relearn in my life.

As a young girl turmoil and confusion cut my awareness of love early. I did not believe my life was of any value, nor that I was one worth understanding. As far as I could see I was nothing but damaged goods. I have always been a giver. However my resistance to being receptive of love has been bold. I did not believe love could be given to me without condition. I aimed to please people with manipulation, flattery, or in the simplest form catering to peoples bullshit.

Ruby came into my life at a time of raw darkness. I had lost the balance to my yin and yang and was addicted to self inflicted hate.  As anyone drawn to darkness is prone to do; I rejected her light. I wanted nothing to do with her, and considered her a pestering animal. However she did not back down, and healed me with her love over time.  Her unconditional love has opened my portal to welcome an abundance of love into my life. Her understanding of my humanity has blessed me with the gift to express my fears and joys without doubt.

The greatest lesson she has taught me has been mindfulness. Moments with her are pure; and no mind chatter is worth taking away from such precious times. Her scent stimulates my motherly nature and I am at peace when held in her big furry arms. Pay attention to the blessings animals bring us, lets not take them for granted.


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