Super New Moon In Aries

With the New Moon shifting into Aries as SUPER MOON, we are entering a new cycle of rebirth. Prepare to take the leap, you’ve procrastinated in taking ,for the past few months. With the intense stripping of last months Lunar Eclipse. We are now walking lighter, warmer, and more open to change.

Have you felt a rapid, intensified shift in the past few months? Are relationships, and jobs that no longer serve your life purpose beginning to fade? Have these changes been causing you grief, depression, or confusion? The Universe has its way of making us listen, most especially when we choose not to.

This is a great time to embrace your power, and actively connect to your higher self. A great time to play, and hone the gifts you have to contribute to this world. Do not allow yourself to be dragged back by fear, you are walking with great support, and now is the time to take full advantage, and choose happiness. Luckily for us ,the Cosmos are cheering us on. Our Angels are hard at work, ecstatic, and eager to see us through these changes.

This New Moon will be energetically heightened, incorporating the evolutionary and revolutionary energies of the Pluto/Uranus square that’s caused quite a disturbance in our world for the past four years.

It is not only the 1st New Moon of this astrological cycle, but also a SuperMoon, coming into a close alignment with the Earth. This is a cosmic story of deep changes occurring within our personal and collective psyches.

With Mars in retrograde next week, be careful not to allow yourself to fight these changes. These are the moments you have prayed for, do not let fear intervene with the manifestation of your joys desires. Change can cause fear, as it requires letting go of relationships, situations, and titles we feel make up our identity, and how we relate to the world. Turn to nature during this time of change, and grand evolution. Mother earth is here to guide you, and support you. Embrace the support of your friends, and family; and treasure the messages, and blessings our Angels are implanting in our psyche.


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