Crystal Massage Healing Therapy


Hello my beautiful earth angels, sending you a warm hug straight from this open heart ! So today Im ecstatic to announce a new modality I will be adding to my list of services. This healing method makes my heart dance knowing I am going to get to really spoil my clients with this one. So wait for it…oh wait the title gave it away! Haha well yes I am now offering Crystal Healing Stone Massage Therapy. Is that neat or what?

This will give me the chance to spoil my client’s body, mind and soul with relaxing, therapeutic massages and facials with the amazing and powerful modality of Gemstone Massages using JOYA Professional range.

Ive also taken the time to touch up on some organic essential oil recipes to incorporate into facials. I am a holistic health geek, and Im so glad to finally be sharing my obsession with the world. Go into my bathroom and you’ll find racks of oils, soaps, masks, hair serums, skin conditioners and well you get the picture..I enjoy obsessing over new recipes that will benefit my health inside out!

Minerals and I..well were best friends. I love crystals dearly. Wont go anywhere without them. So of course I jumped up and down when I came to the discovery that I will now be able to offer them as a tool for massage therapy. Ive been oh ya know..putting together some surprises for you all. This is the first to be spilled onto the public. Feel free to book your sessions with me. Im just so happy to spread the love. Namasate my precious ones. Take it easy…and before you go checkout my essential oils in stock 😉







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