Dreaming Awake

This year I have taken on a new relationship- My First Novel.

Spending precious moments with each character, delicately, yet fiercely sharing their truth. A walking contradiction of what makes us…unique. I am posting this brief image of my dear Delias dream..in the matter that some of you may be blinded by your fear- not seeing clearly- not seeing the light. You are the creator of your life, get adventurous, be brave, there are no limits! Let your imagination flow as freely as it is capable of being.


A strong trunk stands above me, its roots are fluorescent vibrating into the pulse of my veins. I find myself standing in an oak brown forest. Creaking trees, humming their common greeting. Their branches all pointed towards the roots of our lives. With each hymn, my veins grow in width, the stretch causes my toes to tinkle and energy flickers through each of my fingers. Sparks flying all traced back to my root. The kind forest is this evenings oasis, the elder trunks are the maestros heavenly leading a tranquil orchestra of rustling leaves dancing to the music of the trees. A structural composition never missing a beat, their main source of guidance..the vibration of each root. So profoundly grounded they stand. My spirit stands in awe of the majesty of the great forest. I look up effortlessly at the lucent pentagrams mapping out directions to the lavender portals stemming from my crown. Each flying into a different direction. Raising my arms up high passing my fingers through the healing rays. Warm sparks from my palms enhancing the vibration. My veins grow larger, shaping into plants. I am a standing life force, beaming with love.

The symphony of life grows larger as the trees echo with song. They welcome me in spirit, with arms wide open. They are the caretakers in this utopia.- Excerpt from Delias Ethereal Odyssey  


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