Silence the insecurities about your goals!

Hello out there. If you’re reading this well then Im assuming you are a brilliant brother , or sister I have out there in this Universe also trailing through the interesting world of entrepreneurship. The magic, and oh the fuckery. The fuckery of that voice in our head that sometimes comes along blasting its opinion- which I may add was not welcome. That tall tale we have learned to tell ourselves, our friends, and our families- its too hard, you cant do it, are you sure this is the right move? I think you need more experience. Is that right….I need more experience to do what I love? To successfully impact others with my gifts? My skills that no I did not attain along the way- but purged out long before the age of five when I knew all I wanted to do was create!

Yes the fuckery of that conversation. Well, Im here to remind you today that you ARE WORTHY of greatness. You my friend, are GREATNESS. You know that high that rises when your doing what you love? The blood rushing through your body stimulating not only your creative muscles, but your heart? Oh yes, that greatness.

Yes it takes discipline, focus, commitment, and a raw love to manifest those goals you carry so deeply in your heart; but as great minds declare ; If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand!  Hush those conversations and become active. Right now, in this very moment what can you do to get closer to your goals? You are surrounded with resources, use them! You are surrounded with knowledge, use it! You are surrounded with love, accept it!

YOU know what to do. Fear may rise- hold its hand and take the leap. Master the art of RISK, FAITH, and COURAGE. You deserve your love, you deserve to believe in yourself- as does the rest of the world yearning to experience your greatness. With love, a mad artist who rocks out not just in my joys- but also in my fears; because we are WORTHY!!!


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