Why Spirituality, Fitness, and Art go hand in hand with channeling your intuition.

Over the past few months Ive delved into a powerful and unique relationship with myself I have found what works, what doesn’t, and that there is no need for me to over analyze or study my being. There is a greater knowledge within all of us, something no scientist, literature studies, philosophy, or priest can explain. Where ever your beliefs resonate- we all know the power and drive from the source of knowledge within us. It is the force that keeps the energy in our Universe moving.

Intuition means into the soul- the all knowing. In my experience of life I have found the more blocks I create from this form of communication with myself, the further I am from my purpose and living my truth from a place of love for myself and others. Here is what I found effectively allows me to channel this form of self in a loving and raw form.

Honing into my spirituality has had a deep impact in my life. Acknowledging that there is a greater force driving my existence has created the space for me to know I am supported, to fully be aware of how pure I get to keep myself in order to fully channel the source of light that shows up in my day to day experiences. Im aware of what I eat, what I say, what I watch, what I listen to, and the people who I choose to experience my life with. Practicing meditation when its called upon, using my voice to create melodic affirmations, living in gratitude every moment of my day, acknowledging the forces that are supporting me, I pray quite frequently out of gratitude. I take responsibility for the situations in my life and see what lessons they are there to show me.  I use my gift as a healer for those my BODY calls upon. I do not allow myself to be used or drained. My intuition is the first to let me know when this is occurring.

Fitness has certainly allowed my body to learnt to communicate with my mind without my ego or head dropping into the conversation. I recently fell back into yoga again-my body called for it. Prior to that I was swimming for a bit as I worked on healing a recent knee injury, once this chapter was done my body was quick to show a resistance to continuing this form of exercise. What I have learned about myself is that if something does not resonate my body I will find a million excuses as to why I ” Cant” do it. Meaning I wont. Once I see this pattern I move on to what does work- the first thought that comes to mind is exactly what my body wants. This week my body loves yoga! We have laughed together in classes at my clumsiness, we have cried as we felt the energy in my knee slowly healing, and we have felt confidence in the strength and commitment it has taken from us to stick to it during my sporadic schedule.

Art! Art! Art! How I loveeee to practice and experience myself through art! I have found many revealing messages from my conscious mind to my waking self while painting and drawing. I find that creating without intention is powerful, it allows a free form of communication with no control needed- something or ego enjoys doing!! I have had questions regarding my career, relationships, and and inner truth all answered through art therapy. I recently discovered a new form of healing work that I will soon be pursuing after doodling around while talking on the phone. We know ourselves. We know the underlining messages in all that we create. I now keep a visual journal instead of writing, it allows me to freely channel myself without the weight of overthinking. Wanna express yourself through word? Sing it out loud. The healing cords in our throats are powerful manifestors.

Your body will speak to you- keep it flowing and your energy moving as much as possible. Youll thank yourself for it.







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