How Artists Can Contribute To Society

So youre passionate about what you do, youre aware that the ability to influence others through artistry wasnt just some magical skill dropped on you by a shooting star to pass the time with, and your inner child is just kicking and screaming to let the whole world know just how much you care! Lets face it..its really about you, and how you can feel you are of service to the world- and thats ok! Acknowledging your life feels alot more purpose filled when standing as a mirror for healing carries no shame. We love that you wanna support us and love yourself more while youre at it.

So after throwing on your super artistic cape, jotting down all your brilliant ideas and the whys, whos, and its of how to save the world you ask, whats next? Well, I dont think you have any villains to fight off with your paint brush but here are a few ideas of what to do when you step out into the real world as super artistic hero/shero! 


Public spaces and marketplaces are essential ingredients in every community. Public space provides opportunities for people to meet and be exposed to a variety of neighbors. The art of promoting constructive interaction among people in public spaces has been nearly forgotten in many communities, use your artistry to bring your community together. – go ahead spray paint that damn light pole youve been dying to touch!


Creating the kind of connections between people that lead to collective civic action is a challenge for any planner, organizer, or community builder. It?s a lot of hard work and there’s no secret formula, but it’s an essential ingredient in an open society. Annual or seasonal events such as art festivalscan be especially effective in communities with great social, ethnic, and economic diversity. The processes used to plan and carry out these events are at least as important as the events themselves.


Including young people as meaningful contributors in the social and economic aspects of community building must not be overlooked and cannot be left to schools and parents alone.

Engaging youth has a dual benefit: it brings more adults into the picture. Research in civic engagement by the League of Women Voters indicates that the factor most likely to get people more involved in community affairs is helping to improve conditions for youth. “Issues related to children, including mentoring and coaching, and education are those most likely to mobilize the untapped reservoir of volunteers.”  Hosting painting classes, arts and crafts activities, and adding some fun competition will stimulate the minds of these young Superheroes.


When people become involved in the design, creation, and upkeep of places, they develop a vested interest in using and maintaining these spaces. When they have a true sense of “ownership” or connection to the places they frequent, the community becomes a better place to live, work, and visit. The residents’ feelings of respect and responsibility for the place bonds them to that place and to each other. No architect or town planner can design or build a place that does that, and yes you have the ability to stand as a leader in use that brilliant imagination of yours!

So now that Ive given you a few ideas- get your hands off the screen and go use those super powers!


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