10 Ways To Embrace Duality Today

10 ways I choose to embrace duality today:

  1. Studying daily is important. Learning lessons from others makes us smarter, makes us more aware of the world around us.Forgetting all the education, and having the guts to re-invent it all over again our own way, throwing all the knowledge and experience out of the window, makes one a good teacher, adds value to the world, makes life interesting, turns one into an inventor, thought leader and innovator. Turns one from a reader to an author, from a consumer to a creator.
  1. Stepping out of our comfort zone is crucial for self-development.Having our zone of comfort, safe place to retreat to is equally important for development. Stepping out of our comfort zone – is to tear muscle tissue, retreating to our zone of comfort is to have a recovery time, when our muscles are being re-build.
  1. Change is inevitable, but familiarity provides much needed comfort.
  2. New is good, keeps you curious, keeps you interested, but old reminds you, where you belong. Traveling is much needed to open our mind. Home is necessary to know what our mind is.
  3. Re-inventing ourselves is necessary to know ourselves. Sticking to our core strengthens our voice, sends out our unique message into the world.
  4. Being an intro/extrovert, embracing the benefits of being either is crucial to thriving. Exploring the other side is necessary for survival.
  5. Believing in something blindly is a requirement for creation. Staying open to options gives the creation a better chance to survive and thrive.
  6. Not giving a f..ck about opinions gives us a peace of mind. Valuing opinion of the other creates harmony in the world.
  7. Working outside of any system adds variety, improves the system, let’s us innovate. Using the system makes it stronger, more reliable, improves the world, gives us a faster launch and better chance to survive.
  8. Being a listener changes you. Talking allows the other to be changed. Both are equally needed.

I might change my mind daily, hourly, every minute and every second. Or might not even ever fix my mind on anything, even for a second.

Sometimes I think I might be going crazy, believing both sides of the story to be true. Accepting everything and nothing at the same time.

Don’t know. Don’t need to know. Although I wish I knew.


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